The Summer Mix Enjoy the refreshing and revitalizing fragrances that define summer with this tantalizing new Summer Mix, including Sea Glass, Peace River, and Island Rain. Order today before it’s gone for the season! LEARN MORE Summer Mix Jar Candles Craving something sweet? Look no further than the Sweet & Berry Mix! This delicious blend of blueberries, cherries, grapes, and more is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth! Get Blueberry Dreamz, Cherry Bomb, Groov'n Grape, and Potpaya in each limited edition mix. LEARN MORE Sweet & Berry Mix 13oz Jar Candles The Travel Mix Need a vacation? The Travel Mix will take you straight to a beautiful tropical escape for some much needed rest and relaxation, no matter where you are. LEARN MORE Travel Mix 13oz Jar Candles Get ready for a relaxing good time with the Ultimate 420 Mix! Enjoy Munchies, Woodstock, Half Baked and 420 anytime with this limited edition release! LEARN MORE Ultimate 420 Mix Jar Candles Your favorite Pop Culture fragrances are now available in a NEW super convenient 1oz size Pocket Spray! Easily eliminate odors anywhere you travel with just a quick spray! LEARN MORE 1oz Pocket Sprays Try our NEW
Exterminate smoke Get rid of unwanted, lingering smoke odors from cigarettes, cigars, vapes, and other tobacco products with our Smoke Odor Exterminator products! Choose from our wide array of fragrances available in jar candles, sprays, car hangers, and fabric sprays. LEARN MORE odors today! Smoke Odor Exterminator products lineup A proven enzyme formula Our products don't just smell great – they actively destroy bad odors! The enzymes in our products effectively break down an odor's compound structure quickly to keep your home, car, and office smelling fresh and clean. Choose from over 24 unique scents! LEARN MORE that works! Over 24 unique scents Choose from our Year-Round and Pop Culture fragrances like Creamy Vanilla and Dragon's Blood or stay on your toes for our Limited Edition releases like Glazed and Coconut Grove. OUR FRAGRANCES to offer to your customers!

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We offer year round and seasonal fragrances to choose from to help you eliminate the unwanted odors in your life. Whether you prefer the candles, sprays, car hangers, or fabric fresheners, each of our products is guaranteed to exterminate odors while leaving behind a pleasant and unique scent.



The Summer Mix

Summer Mix

Enjoy the refreshing tropical fragrances that define summer with the tantalizing new Summer Mix. Each mix comes with 4 jar candles each of Sea Glass, Island Rain, and Peace River only for a limited time. Also available as 7oz sprays!

Sweet & Berry Mix

Sweet & Berry Mix

Enjoy the sweetness of blueberries, cherries, grapes, and more with the delicious Sweet & Berry Mix! Each mix comes with 3 jar candles each of Blueberry Dreamz, Groov’n Grape, Cherry Bomb, and Potpaya only for a limited time.

The Travel Mix

Travel Mix

Travel far to a tropical paradise no matter where you are with the return of the Travel Mix. Each mix comes with 4 jar candles each of Flamingo Bay, Coconut Grove, and Bermuda Beach only for a limited time.



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