7oz Spray

Clothesline Fresh

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Our master blender has created an exquisite new color and fragrance to remind your customers of beautiful blue spring skies, crisp spring air, and the fresh clean smell of laundry sun drying on the clothesline.

Product Details
  • Scent: Clothesline Fresh
  • Fragrance Notes: Fresh, clean, laundry
  • Weight: 7oz
  • Available Year-Round

*Will vary based on your location.

Clothesline Fresh fragrance elements


Apartment neighbor on other side of shared wall is a smoker, so my apartment smells like cigarettes. I ordered a couple of different smoke odor eliminators, and this one is my favorite. I spray in my clothes closet, bathroom, and under the kitchen sink, all on the shared wall. There was an immediate improvement. At first needed to spray a couple of times daily, now just a couple of times a week.
Amazon Customer
February 15, 2020

Absolutely amazing! I got this because our roommate smokes in our basement and it makes the entire house smell like trashy cigarettes. I hate the smell more than anyone I know and have a very sensitive nose. This stuff does the trick, even after multiple smoking sessions down there a day. Not only do I spray it around the house but at the source in the basement and it has taken care of the awful smell entirely. It has a nice smell too! The fizzing after you spray it is really satisfying, I can’t believe this worked. I’m buying a bunch now!

Amazon Customer
January 18, 2019

Buy this product. It is 100% effective in TOTALLY AND PERMANENTLY removing the stench of extremely heavy smoke which furniture was exposed to. I purchased this product several months ago. After moving the furniture from a heavily infested cheap cigarette smoke users home for immediate use in a smokeless home, I put the furniture in my garage to clean the furniture by wiping down wood, glass, synthetic leather headboard to remove the tar from the cigarettes. I then sprayed each piece of furniture ONCE. This took place several months ago and to this day, each and every piece of the furniture is 100% odor free. THIS PRODUCT WORKS. It clearly is not just a superficial masking of the stench of cigarette smoke but rather, the complete, permanent removal of it. I made a point of waiting several months to determine if the results would be lasting before writing this review. I GIVE THIS PRODUCT MY UTMOST RECOMMENDATION. UPDATE SEPT. 2019 TWO YEARS AFTER USING IT- This product worked PERMANENTLY AFTER THE ONE USE I DESCRIBED ABOVE.

Amazon Customer
May 23, 2017

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