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Launch new retailers successfully by taking advantage of the new Grand Opening Kits!

• Features 4 retailer starter packages on a single pallet
• Mixed cases with no additional fees
• Fully loaded display complete with everything a retailer needs to get started
• Reduced revenue requirement for displays
• Increases annual sales
• Complete Marketing Set up for the retailer
• Reduces time your staff spends on starting up an account
• Reduced pricing for product orders



Features 4 Retailer Starter Packages on a single pallet

This consolidation will reduce the time required to initiate a new account and minimize additional picking and packing by your employees. Bundled together and pre-labeled for each store, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

Mixed Case Inclusion

Features mixed cases with no additional fees

You’ll save 5.8% on the cost of mixed cases. In addition, the product coming in pre-mixed will save your staff time trying to re-pack when a retailer needs product. They can just grab and go.

Automatic Upsell

Features a fully loaded display complete with everything a retailer needs to be successful in selling the Smoke Odor Exterminator Line

This will help eliminate the need for decision-making on the retailer’s part, leading to a perfect account set up with increased sales potential.

Cost Savings

Features a reduced revenue requirement for displays from $5,000 to less than $1,000 per display

This is a significant cost savings and allows you to get the displays you need for each of your new retail partners.

Increases Annual Sales

Featuring the perfect display assortment correlates with increased annual sales

Retailers with a display sell on average 60% more than those without one. Retailers will have more inventory turns and so will you.

Includes Marketing Materials

Comes complete with marketing set up for retailers

Posters on the wall bring more attention to the products, window decals for those walking by the store to see, Free samples to use in the store to create awareness. This addition echoes triumph and success.

Engineered for Quality and Durability

The displays are designed to withstand the test of time, up to a decade or longer

With proper care these wooden displays are built to last. They are extremely sturdy with eye catching features. This is a long-term investment that provide retailers with reliable merchandising that stands up to everyday use.


We speak with hundreds of distributors each year and the most pressing issue we hear is that you need displays to launch new retailers successfully. That is why we have created a single SKU item that includes 4 perfectly prepacked Floor displays . Now new retailers can get started with everything they need to succeed and your employees won’t have to lose time pulling every item one SKU at a time.

Starting a new retailer is exciting but it’s a lot of work. Let Smoke Odor Solution make your life a little easier with our “Grand Opening Kits”. New retailers simply choose the kit and get everything they need to stock and sell our amazing products in their store.

Retailers will get the following items:

1 XL floor display………………………………………….. $200 value………. No charge
5 cases year round mixed candles …………………… $50.40 per case ….. $252.00
5 cases pop culture mixed candles ………………….. $50.40 per case ….. $252.00
3 cases year round mixed spray ……………………… $40.44 per case ….. $121.32
3 cases pop culture mixed spray……………………… $40.44 per case ….. $121.32
2 cases year round mixed 1 oz pocket sprays ………. $24.00 per case ….. $48.00
2 cases pop culture mixed 1 oz pocket sprays ……… $24.00 per case ….. $48.00
2 cases pop culture mixed XXX 1oz sprays……….. $24.00 per case ….. $48.00
4 car fresh displays ($72 value each)……………….. $57.60 per display .. No charge
New store welcome kit*…………………………………. $25 value………… No charge
*kit contains a candle, 7 oz spray, 1 oz spray, car fresh, wick trimmer, window decal and poster set

All cases are mixed, at no extra charge, to ensure your retailer has a wide variety of fragrances and product to help ensure their success.

Distributor employees need only to choose the prelabeled product to fill the order. No more wasted time sorting through your inventory. Save time, save money and get your retailer started off on the right foot with our convenient Grand Opening Kits.

Lower Inventory Requirements For Displays

$890.64 / Per Store

Until now distributors were allotted 1 display for each $5K in product purchased. We have changed that in a BIG way. You can now get 4 fully packed displays for only $3562.56!

Let Us Lend A Hand

$100 in Free Merch

Let’s get excited! Retailers get several cool freebies when they start. A sample box, posters, door decals, wick trimmer, and selling materials. Free to them and free to you!



Customers that use our XL Floor displays average 86% higher retail sales compared to those that have no display. In a review of 6000 retailers, those with displays averaged $2800 in sales annually. Those without only averaged $1500. Those increased sales mean increased profit for your distributorship.


Retailer sales are substantially higher when they use our sturdy XL Floor Displays. Our displays allow the customers to merchandise our full line of enticing fragrances. Customers are more likely to make an impulse purchase when they have access to their personal favorite fragrance. Increase selection and your retailer will increase your revenues.



Our Grand Opening Kits start your retailers off with our full line of products. Retailers that carry the full line order two additional orders per year.



More upfront revenues and more recurring revenues. You’ve invested the time, get the returns you deserve.



Losing customers is painful! Customers are significantly more likely to put more energy and thought into a full display. These customers rarely discontinue our line.


The difference between stagnating sales and interest in our product line can be directly correlated to product selection available to the consumer. Retailers that carry our full line of products and fragrances (year round and limited) are 3Xs more likely to remain active with our company for many years. Your initial placement of the Grand Opening Kit will ensure accelerated sales and success for years to come.

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