7oz Spray


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Woodstock unites the classic fragrances of citrus, bergamot, lavender & geranium and intertwines them with earthy sandalwood, piney cedarwood & throwback musk. This fragrance will send you on a magic trip back to the 60’s.

Product Details
  • Scent: Woodstock
  • Fragrance Notes: Earthy, musk, floral
  • Weight: 7oz
  • Available in the Ultimate 420 Spray Mix

*Will vary based on your location.

Woodstock fragrance elements

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Would recommend!! Took the scent of smoke right out of the room, not just mask it.
January 19, 2021
Works great! Don’t need to use a lot. I am a scent sensitive migraine sufferer and I’ve had no problems!
Amazon Customer
July 8, 2019

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